Children and Telehealth: How to Prepare for an Online Appointment

Both patients and health care providers have been increasing the use of telehealth visits in recent years. These virtual appointments allow health care professionals to provide excellent care without being in the same room as a patient. Telehealth became the norm during the COVID19 pandemic, and you have likely had a telehealth appointment of your own.   But how does telemedicine work for kids?…

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therapist on telehealth appointment

How Telehealth Changed Mental Healthcare Forever

How Telehealth Changed Mental Healthcare Forever Advances in communication technology have changed nearly every facet of our society. The internet and smartphones have affected how we shop, eat, sleep, and communicate with others. It’s no wonder that this same technology has fundamentally changed mental healthcare. Telehealth allows patients to connect with providers in new and effective ways. There are generally two types of telehealth…

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