We can check your mental health benefits!

Mental Health Benefits can be difficult to clarify. Avoid multiple calls to insurance companies, conflicting answers, and endless voice mail prompts. We are benefit research specialists. Call us, and we will research your benefits for you. If you are not able to see a PsyCare provider, we will direct you to the right place. Call 858-279-1223 and press option 1 for our intake department.

Routine Referrals:

The patient may call directly without a referral from the primary care physician. Call 858-279-1223, press 1 for an intake representative.

Emergency and Urgent Referrals:

The case managers make sure urgent and emergent referrals are seen within the access standards. Call 858-279-1223 press option 6, and ask for case management.

Our hope was to offer you a list of insurances and mental health benefits. However, insurances benefits are currently changing so fast, we cannot offer you reliable information. Please call our intake department at 858-279-1223, and we will research your benefits for you. We know all of the detailed questions to give you a complete description of your mental health benefits!