PsyCare provides the full spectrum of psychological and psychiatric services for adolescents and children. We have 17 board eligible/board certified child and adolescent psychiatrists who work in conjunction with psychotherapists trained in working with children, adolescents and families.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

PsyCare has seventeen board eligible/board certified child and adolescent psychiatrists located throughout our six offices. In addition to being board eligible/board certified in general adult psychiatry, these psychiatrists have completed an additional two-year fellowship of specialized training in child and adolescent psychiatry. They have been trained to differentiate normal from abnormal development, thinking and behavior, to conduct a complete diagnostic assessment, and undertake or direct appropriate interventions and treatment. ADHD, Autistim spectrum disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety disorders, Mood disorders, and Tourette’s disorder, are some of the more common diagnosis affecting children and adolescents. It is usually best that the child/adolescent psychiatrist be given permission to share their general findings with the child’s pediatrician or primary care physician.

Child and Adolescent Therapists

Most of the over eighty therapists in our six offices have experience with or specializes in the treatment of child, adolescent, and family problems. If the child or adolescent is prescribed medication by the psychiatrist and is also seeing a therapist for counseling or therapy, the therapist and psychiatrist will communicate regularly to coordinate care for optimal treatment.